The Paint Restoration Process

Paint Restoration is a lot more thorough than a normal car wash or detailing. It is an in depth decontamination of the car both externally and internally. This happens in several stages that are outlined below.

Stage 1 – Exterior Pre-Washing & Washing

The vehicle is deep cleansed using quality pre-wash solutions including wheels and arches.
It will then be snow foamed and left to dwell for 5 minutes before being washed with a citrus based shampoo to thoroughly clean the outside and to remove all existing wax.
The paintwork will then be clayed with an automobile clay bar leaving a glossy smooth surface.
This surface is then ready for machine polishing or paint correction.
Final steps are to seal the alloy wheels prior to waxing the faces, clean and wax all door, bonnet and boot shuts and clean and nourish the seals.

Stage 1 – Pre-Washing & Washing All Surface Protection Detail Minor Paint Correction Detail Full Detail
Spray vehicle with APC. Yes No Yes
Pre wash whole vehicle inc. engine compartment. No No Yes
Pre wash wheels & arches. Yes No Yes
Snow foam vehicle. Yes Yes Yes
Wash with Citrus Shampoo inc. door, hood & trunk shuts. Only Car Yes Yes
Clay bar whole car inc. wheels. Only Car Only Car Yes
Remove all road tar & bugs. Yes Yes Yes
Re-wash and dry. No No Yes
Final wipe with IPA to remove old waxes. No Yes Yes

Stage 2 – Exterior Preparation Stage

We will measure the vehicles paint thickness using a Paint Thickness Gauge and record the readings.
This will then allow us to determine how much correction can be achieved.
The objective is to level the paint to achieve that Mirror Finish.

Stage 2 – Exterior Preparation Stages All Surface Protection Detail Minor Paint Correction Detail Full Detail
Take paint depth readings. No Yes Yes
Tape up all plastic trim. No Yes Yes

Stage 3 – Exterior Correction

The machining process is to remove the usual paint problems associated with using an automatic car wash, bad washing practice and cheap $8 valets that usually do more harm than good.
Swirls and scratches are usually inflicted with this type of washing and will immediately start to dull the shine.
Tree sap and bird droppings are also responsible for paint problems that we can remove.
Once the paint work has been corrected we will then wipe over the whole car to finally remove any compounds with an Isopropyl Alcohol wipe ready to prepare the paint for the next stage.

Stage 3 – Exterior Correction Stage All Surface Protection Detail Minor Paint Correction Detail Full Detail
Machine polishing of all paint work with cutting compounds to remove swirl marks & light scratches. No Yes Yes
Final wipe with IPA to remove cutting residue. No Yes Yes
Appraise paint work under different lights to determine proper correction. No Yes Yes

Stage 4 – Exterior Sealant & Wax

We will then seal the paint with a sealant.
We would usually apply two coats to get the gloss showing through the paint, and then we would wax the car with a high quality carnauba wax.
This will then finish off the protection of your vehicle.

Stage 4 – Exterior Sealent & Wax All Surface Protection Detail Minor Paint Correction Detail Full Detail
Apply one or two coats of paint sealant then buff off. One Coat One Coat Two or More Coats
Apply high content Carnauba Wax to all painted areas. Yes Yes Yes

Stage 5 – Interior & Wheels

Next, we will then move onto the interior that will be steam sterilised (only fabric, leather and plastic surfaces) all carpets and trim vacuumed and all plastic dressed with a water base cleaner and detailing spray to give a satin finish.
Water based detailing products often give a false shine and oily sticky residue that actually attracts more dirt.
The windows will be cleaned and the leather cleansed and nourished. The trunk will be cleaned out and vacuumed with all metal surfaces being cleaned.
Finally we will dress the tyres with a satin tyre gel and dress all exterior plastic trim, all exterior windows and mirrors will be treated to a rain repellent spray and the paint work given a final wipe over with a detailing spray.

Stage 5 – Interior & Wheels All Surface Protection Detail Minor Paint Correction Detail Full Detail
Steam sterilise carpets, fabric, leather and plastic surfaces. No No Yes
Wet and dry vacuum carpets/mats. No Yes Yes
Clean all surfaces and dress plastic. No Yes Yes
Clean and polish interior windows. No Yes Yes
Clean leather trim and nourish. No No Yes
Clean trunk area and vacuum. No Yes Yes
Clean and seal all plastic trim. No No Yes
Seal and wax alloy wheels. Yes No Yes
Apply dressing to tires, trim and arches. Yes No Yes
Rain repellent spray to all glass and external mirrors. No No Yes

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